Friday, December 5, 2008

Gift Ideas for the Scrapper in your Heart!

I have heard many people ask crafters (not just scrapbookers) comment on how difficult it is for a non crafter to buy gifts. Well, take it from someone who knows I understand!

I was trying to be a good wife and buy my husband some stuff for his hobby (Remote Control Airplane's) and I went into his hobby shop and stood there like a lost fool or easy mark to sell a bunch of junk to...LOL. So, I had to just bite the bullet this year and he gave me a list of actual part numbers names and other stuff to identify just to make sure I have gotten the right stuff...

Any who, I digress. Don't be over whelmed just go to the local craft store or scrapbooking store (they might be a little better because they will be able to help you out a little bit better, more personal service, a little more pricey but you will get better service.) Go to the scrapbook section of the store and just walk around and then take a deep breathe. It will be OK!!

As a self proclaimed scrapbook addict, anything is perfect. We really don't know that we need it until we have it...LOL In all seriousness, we love scrapbook album (the ones that have pages without the guide lines on where to put you photos) .They can be any size, shape, or color as they have top loading pages (without guidelines) they will be perfect.

Also, any type of embellishment is perfect. I like to think that to buy some one embellishments is a nice practical gift. A few years ago my brother bought me a bunch of scrapbooking stuff, he bought a box (a big brown moving box type) filled it with embellishments, paper stacks and pens. I asked how he picked all this stuff and new what I wanted he said he just knew me. So I suggest that maybe you think about the scrapbooker that you are looking to give a gift to and go from there. For example, you know your scraper likes Holidays and not just Christmas.

It was a bunch of holiday stuff (not just Christmas stuff) but all the holidays (New years Day, Valentines day, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, memorial day, Labor day, Halloween and Thanksgiving) and remember if you get non-Christmas embellishments/paper/punches it will most likely be on sale, so you get to be the new hero in your scrapers life and save some money.

You could also do a theme gift maybe they like to travel, you could get them a book, maybe a paper stack of travel, some travel embellishments. Or what ever they love the most you could get them stuff to scrap around what they love the most. Sports, babies, school, anything the list goes on.

And to add a few somewhat cheap item that all scrapers need is photo squares, glue, pens, new blades for the trimmers, glue zots (which are little sticky round clear tape).

Hope this help! Happy scrapin shopping!!