Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting Crafty for a Cause!

Well, here I am two days in a row of blogging. I just thought that I would share some fun photos of tye dying and painting of t-shirts that my family is going to wear when we do our 5K Walk. On Father's Day my family and I are going to be joinging hundreds of other people who want to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer research. We will be Runing (in our case walking) for the Ribbon. To find out more about it you can go to
So, as the "team leader" really just the one that found out about the event. I decided that we needed to have matching T-shirts, so I enlisted the help of a friend for a night of beer, tacos, and tye-dyeing and here are a few of the the steps and what they look like.
This is my friends garage. (cool flames right, she did those by hand talk about a handy crafter). The shirt is pretty cool too. This is the pile of them after we took the rubber bands off. Here is a tip for tye dying: after you rinse them well in the bucket you dyed them in wash them in the washer with warm water and laundry soap with a couple splashed of white vinager. (this helps set the color.

Now, here my mom and I are painting the back of the tee with our team name and the year. Go TEAM JACKSON!!!

Here is what the back of the t looks like:

After the race and when we are all in our shirts i will post a picture!!

Go Team Jackson!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You've Got Mail!!!

Wow, it has taken me a while to get back into blogging. I promise going forward I will do more. I have had a hard time getting motivated but I think the mail a couple of days ago really helped me out.

I love when I get good mail. This is my favorite peice of mail in a long while.
It has inspired me to get crafty agian and finish projects that I have started and start new ones.
What is everyone working on? What is everyones goal for the summer. Mine is to start and finish my recipe book and my computer bag.
A happy day is one spent on your hobby!