Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

Well, it is the day before the 4th but close enough for me. I am starting my 4th celebration today. As I live right down the street from a fireworks show that goes on tonight so I invited people over so we are having a BBQ. On the menu is hamburgers, home made potato salad, home made baked beans, and rum and diet Pepsi's....should be a good time. Nothing crafty about the blog here today I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July...I love INDEPENDENCE!!!

And remember a happy day is a crafty day!!

happy croppin!!

Katie Did!!

What an idea!!

So, I have been having trouble keeping track of all my clear stamps. As some of you clear stamp users they don't always stay on the plastic sheet they come on. So, I have lost the letter "P" in my alpha collection. I am hoping that I will find it soon. I am sitting here stamping (which by the way I don't do often) enough however, for some of the stamps not stick back on to the plastic sheet they came on. Here is what they look like when you them at the store.

I don't have the room for the storage binders for these stamps, as my Scrapbooking studio shelving is all full with boxes and other cute stuff. So, here is the SUPER cool, cheap, and fun way to organized way to store them. In the jewel cases of old Cd's. If your like me all my Cd's have been uploaded and converted to MP3's on my computer and then my Cd's are all in CD storage books. So your left with a bunch empty cases with nothing to do with them. I am glad that I never tossed mine.

Here is what I did:

I took clear cases took the covers out (tossed the paper part only on ones I didn't actually care about you like the Spice Girls or the Macarena Club Mix or Bobby Brown) hey no judging I was just a teenager I bet you ladies have some bad ones too . Anyway, take the CD holder part off so you get to the back of the jewel case and the back art out. Now you have just a case, now stick the stamps on there as if you where putting them back on the plastic sheet. See picture below.

I am even going to decorate the cases and make sure that I put all like items together. All the alphas, party, and journaling stamps.
A happy day is a day crafting (scrapbooking)!!
Katie Did!!