Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old School with New School!

So I don't know if any of you out there have started to incorperate some old and new tools and gagets. But I found something really cool, all you need is a crimper tool, some light weight cardstock, and a cricut. I am trying to cut back on my scrappbook spending (a crime I know) but I have a ton of stuff that I haven't really used in a while, I was just playing around the other day with a paper Crimper
And my Cricut (which I love) and I made this really cool flower and circle tag.

Step 1 I took some light weight cardstock cut it to fit the cricut and then I used the "Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More" cartridge and cut a circle and a flower.

step 2 I ran it through my paper crimper. I used a set of these on an altered note book that I make.

I think that I am going to keep on trying to incorperate my old school with my new school gagets and gizmos!!

Happy Scrap'n!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Scrap Camp!!

So, it has been a while! I think it is because there is alot going on here. I am getting ready for SCRAP CAMP!! Let me explain what scrap camp is to those of you who don't know. Scrap Camp is a weekend retreat for scrappers to scrap for the entire weekend (morning, noon, and night) held at the beautiful YMCA girls camp Arbutis near Traverse City, MI. We get the full on camp experience bunk beds, the beautiful outdoors, fresh air, and 3 meals a day cooked and cleaned up for you. (I think that might be the best of all) and we don't have to even shop for it or plan a menu which most women think is the hardest job ever...

I have been editing my pictures and making lists of events I want to scrapbook and the tools I would like to take:) As we don't have a lot of space to carry my entire stock of items in the car. So here is a picture of last years scrap camp...

It is so much fun that I can hardly wait. It is in about 2 weeks and I have already started to get ready for it.