Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wow! What happened to Septmeber and October?

So, I am sitting on my computer just trying to come up with some Halloween ideas and then it hit me, it is November already! What happened to September and October. Does it feel that when you get older the days turn into months and months turn into years, and either way you look at it time fly by super fast. Anyway, this is not what I am here to talk about.

Here is an idea that I love and makes me feel all creative and professional about my crafts. Rather it be scrapbooking, sewing, or photography I like it. I made this sign for my mom for the door of her sewing studio or fabric studio. What ever you would like to call it it is a super cool sign. Here are some pictures of it.

I am not sure where I found my inspiration for this cam from, but I used an eleven by fourteen painting canvas, some fat quarters of fabric that match her studio, some paper, and some buttons and flowers (just to add a little bit of flare), I also used heart shaped brads.

What I did was layout the paper peices and the fabric peices (some of which came from things that I have made her.) Then I glued (with hot glue) everything down and covered it all with my favorite crafters item ever MODGE PODGE!!! Let it dry and then I stapled the ribbons to the wooden frame.

And ta-da a great sign for my mom's fabric sewing room. I think that this would be perfect on a little girls room or what ever kind of room door you want it:)

Happy crafting for today!!

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